• Fabulous songs. One of the most cool, beautiful pieces of music I’ve heard in such a long time.Tony Moore (Soho Radio)
  • Possesses a tunefulness bordering on addictive. A thrilling debut.Dave Sumner (Bird Is The Worm)
  • It’s rather magical. Pretty spectacular.Rosie Parish (Liquid Entertainment)
  • Some jazz leanings coupled with some European suave and swagger and you have a winning combination.Nick Roseblade (This Year In Music)

Take the voice of a classic soul diva, throw in a generous measure of French sensuality, combine with mysterious melodies and shake vigorously with the bold, orchestral grandure of a classic spy movie – a wildly intoxicating musical cocktail best enjoyed in the smoky, art deco-inspired surroundings of a late night London jazz joint. A refined blend of the past reinvented for the 21st century.

Grace Moon & the Jaguar is the fusion of singer, pianist and writer Anne Sofie Eike and guitarist, producer and composer JB Pilon. Early in 2015, these partners in crime released their debut EP, “Kananga”. Recorded at their east London-based Wax Recording Studio headquarters, they have laid down the foundations of a new yet reassuringly vintage sound all of their own.

Performing live, Grace Moon & the Jaguar complete this heady recipe with a stage presence to kill. Available as a duo, a four piece with drums and bass or a seven piece complete with brass section depending on the environment. They have already started working on their second EP, heading in upbeat and even more expansive directions, whilst dropping a grand piano on any as-yet-unbroken rules.

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